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DQI Spotlight on Submitters

This year, the Data Reporting & Evaluation Committee set out to spotlight companies that submit a high volume of data and maintain a high DQI. The goal is to hear from those who are submitting more complete reports, understand more about their process, and learn about how this higher quality data affects their own data analysis. DIRT data submission is anonymous; however, three high DQI-high volume companies – CenterPoint, Colorado 811 and UtiliQuest – have agreed to participate as “DQI Spotlight” submitters. Representatives from each organization participated in an interview and answered a series of questions related to their current data collection/reporting process. The goal is to document lessons learned that can be shared with the broader damage prevention community.   

Several commonalities among the spotlighted high volume/high DQI organizations were identified:

  • They attempt to gather the relevant information as soon as possible. In addition to DIRT data, they may be collecting information to support their claims process or state or federal regulatory reporting requirements. The natural gas and locating companies send personnel to the site. The 811 center receives telephone notices, but its personnel ask relevant questions.
  • They have automated internal processes to transfer the information and enter it into DIRT. DIRT has features that support automated processes to enter data.[1] 
  • In addition to contributing DIRT data to the broader damage prevention industry, they use it within their own organizations to identify ways to reduce damages.
  • Within their organization, they emphasize the importance of good data quality to their employees.
  • When reviewing DQI, each focused on where they have additional opportunities for improvement and began making immediate changes to their process to see additional gains.

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