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The Future of Damage Prevention: Welcome to the Damage Prevention Institute

CGA’s Damage Prevention Institute (DPI) represents an essential evolution in damage reporting for the path to 50-in-5.

  • DPI's requirement for monthly reporting to DIRT and the influx of excavator data will provide unprecedented insights to shape the future of damage prevention and drive progress toward the 50-in-5 industry challenge.
  • With monthly DIRT and metrics reporting requirements and additional near miss reports, DPI will complement CGA's annual DIRT report with more real-time insights to keep momentum toward 50-in-5.
  • Performance metrics provide transparent accountability and an opportunity to identify what affects performance and how we can support strong performance among all stakeholders.
  • Near-miss reporting is an opportunity for additional clarity, capturing invaluable lessons before damages occur to proactively prevent incidents.
  • Excavators are critical players in collecting damage data – their direct participation and data is essential to understand challenges and devise solutions. DPI makes it easier than ever for excavators – and all stakeholders – to contribute data regularly.

Participation in DPI is open to all CGA members at no additional cost, and puts your organization at the forefront of damage prevention.

The Damage Prevention Institute has accredited more than 1,000 organizations as of summer 2023.

In addition to future DIRT Reports benefiting from damage and near-miss data entered by DPI-accredited organizations, CGA’s Data Committee is sourcing additional experts, data sets and models to create a damage prevention index (or indices) that will provide a more complete picture of the rate of damages to buried utilities.

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